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Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves in the quality of our muslin swaddle blankets. Rest assured knowing that the baby blanket you are using to wrap your little one is made with organic material that will last. Our ultra soft natural bamboo and organic cotton combination provides the softest swaddle blanket you can find.

  • Breathable

    Our muslin baby blankets are designed to be breathable while maintaining their durability. Swaddles recreate the secure and cozy feeling of the womb which improves sleep.

  • Lightweight

    Provide your baby with the ventilation they need without compromising comfort.

  • Multi-Purpose

    At 47" by 47" our blankets are more than just a swaddle. They are multipurpose, because let’s be real, we need it to change and burp our babies, cover the stroller, nursing and feeding the baby, use it as a sun protector, shawl or scarf, and babies love it for tummy time!

  • Gift it!

    These are a great gift for a baby shower, christening, birthday, or newborn. You cannot go wrong with these blankets as they are neutral, elegant and beautiful colors.

Made to Last a Lifetime

There’s a reason muslin fabric has been around and sought after for centuries.

Premium Muslin Swaddle Blankets

  • Love Note

    "I LOVE these blankets. Perfect for swaddling, a normal blanket or for baby to lay on during tummy time. Colours are beautiful, blankets are so soft. I love the material, colours and even the box they came in was adorable. 100% recommend!! Very happy!"

  • Love Note

    "I love how soft these blankets are and the Colors are just so beautiful and different. I can’t wait to wrap my baby girl in them. My 2 1/2 year old son loves them too and he’s picky on how soft his blankets are. Might have to get some more!"

  • Love Note

    "I didn’t purchase these for photography, but they look beautiful in photos. Very soft and nice to the touch, wasn’t expecting such great quality. Have washed them many times and the still look new."

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