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& Avery 

Fern & Avery Swaddles
Fern & Avery Family

Life has a funny way of working out. When we started this company I had never had any inkling of being a mother.

Children had never been a dream of mine. I wish I had a grand story about how Fern and Avery started but it was purely a business that we both were able to contribute to.

Dreams change, people change and relationships change. Our relationship has flourished along side our business. Now thoughts of being parents is a dream and one day will be our reality.

For that I have to thank you all for supporting our first baby together, Fern & Avery.

Maybe the grand story is that it was simply just meant to be. Stay tuned for the next chapter.

  • 🤍 We believe in the comfort and quality of muslin
    These swaddles are breatheable, durable and premium quality. Expect super soft swaddles that will last a lifetime.
  • 🤍 We believe in simple and durable fabric
    We take pride in choosing the fabric our blankets are made from. Simple yet elegant which will withstand time and grow with your baby.
  • 🤍 We believe in safety
    Safety is top of mind when developing our product range. Each and every product goes through a rigorous course of testing before hitting the market. You can rest assured you are taken care of by Fern & Avery.
  • 🤍 We believe you can be stylish and functional
    Our light colored gender neutral colors are unique to Fern & Avery and make us who we are. We choose them with the parents in mind. They are multipurpose for a more functional baby blanket.
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